[ ləˈbredō ] • noun

1. a text written for and set to music in an opera, oratorio, or musical.
2. the book containing those words.

Libretto Interactive is a digital experiential marketing agency focused on developing unique virtual experiences and developing tools to help entertainment professionals.

Based in New York, we provide technical and creative solutions for today's increasingly connected world.

We Create Interactive Experiences.

We helped the members of The Mad Ones Lab show off their unique digital theatre productions via a ground-breaking interactive app.  


Prototypes. At the Speed of Creativity.

We understand your creative process.
We know technology can't always be planned a year out.
Art moves faster than that.

We believe in the three "eights":
Create, iterate, and collaborate.

Merch Stand. Ticket Optional.

Selling your own merch online shouldn't be difficult. Whether you're setting up a new business, need to sell something unique, or just need some pointers in the right direction, we're here to help.

Libretto Interactive is an official Shopify Partner.
This means we know what we're doing – officially.

We want to be your official partner. Let's chat!


Something Even Crazier.

Sometimes you know you need a tool that will solve your problem.
But as far as you can tell, the app doesn't exist. Yet.
Don't worry. We got this.

It means the idea is an original. Just like you.

We love a blank canvas, a blue sky, and a unique challenge. 

Collaborative problem solving is why we named ourselves "Libretto".
You bring the words. We'll make the music.

Ready to make something new together?